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Prototypes 3D M.D.R.

Case history

M.D.R. helps you to find solutions

  • Training projects to learn about research, to understand the contribution of research, to get closer to the research world.
  • Training of qualitative researchers (group interview and interview-individual interview techniques).
  • Supervision, coaching of staff in internships (supporting, training, optimizing the client's investment - budget to train and obtain results thanks to the setting of customized theoretical - practical - operational projects (consultancy project - training aimed at acquiring knowledge, experience with an impact on the Company at no cost, being working groups)
  • Training of professionals for promotional activities with added value (promotion accompanied by an interview and interview).
  • Formations aimed at the preparation of research projects, survey design, analysis, synthesis, reports and presentations to companies (ideal project format, report, presentation)
  • Training aimed at the simultaneous translation of qualitative groups (focus, creative groups)
  • Training projects (aimed at professionals interested in acquiring knowledge of the sector using the Italian language)

From the Research Director, training courses were designed and implemented for

  • Chamber of Commerce of Monaco "Jeune chambre Economique Monaco Principauté" "LE Rircerche di Market "
  • IL "Sestante" Italia "Course in management of market areas"
  • Rep Media Plus Communiction Monaco
  • Private Banks
  • Higher Institutes
  • Soremartec Ferrero Group

for information please contact us via e-mail on
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